52.228-7 I Insurance--Liability to Third Persons.

As prescribed in 28.311-2, insert the following clause in solicitations and contracts, other than construction contracts and those for architect-engineer services, when a cost-reimbursement contract is contemplated unless the head of the contracting activity waives the requirement for use of the clause:
Alternate I (APR 1984). If the solicitation includes the provision at 52.228-6, Insurance - Immunity from Tort Liability, and the successful offeror represents in the offer that the offeror is partially immune from tort liability as a State agency or as a charitable institution, add the following paragraph (h) to the basic clause:
(a) (1) Except as provided in subparagraph (2) immediately following, or in paragraph (h) of this clause (if the clause has a paragraph (h)), the Contractor shall provide and maintain workers' compensation, employer's liability, comprehensive general liability (bodily injury), comprehensive automobile liability (bodily injury and property damage) insurance, and such other insurance as the Contracting Officer may require under this contract.
(2) The Contractor may, with the approval of the Contracting Officer, maintain a self-insurance program; provided that, with respect to workers' compensation, the Contractor is qualified pursuant to statutory authority.
(3) All insurance required by this paragraph shall be in a form and amount and for those periods as the Contracting Officer may require or approve and with insurers approved by the Contracting Officer.
(b) The Contractor agrees to submit for the Contracting Officer's approval, to the extent and in the manner required by the Contracting Officer, any other insurance that is maintained by the Contractor in connection with the performance of this contract and for which the Contractor seeks reimbursement.
(c) Except as provided in paragraph (h) of this clause (if the clause has a paragraph (h)), the Contractor shall be reimbursed:
(1) For that portion (i) of the reasonable cost of insurance allocable to this contract and (ii) required or approved under this clause; and
(2) For certain liabilities (and expenses incidental to such liabilities) to third persons not compensated by insurance or otherwise without regard to and as an exception to the limitation of cost or the limitation of funds clause of this contract. These limitations must arise out of the performance of this contract, whether or not caused by the negligence of the Contractor or of the Contractor's agents, servants, or employees, and must be represented by final judgments or settlements approved in writing by the Government. These liabilities are for--
(i) Loss of or damage to property (other than property owned, occupied, or used by the Contractor, rented to the Contractor, or in the care, custody, or control of the Contractor); or
(ii) Death or bodily injury.
(d) The Government's liability under paragraph (c) of this clause is subject to the availability of appropriated funds at the time a contingency occurs. Nothing in this contract shall be construed as implying that the Congress will, at a later date, appropriate funds sufficient to meet deficiencies.
(e) The Contractor shall not be reimbursed for liabilities (and expenses incidental to such liabilities)--
(1) For which the Contractor is otherwise responsible under the express terms of any clause specified in the Schedule or elsewhere in the contract;
(2) For which the Contractor has failed to insure or to maintain insurance as required by the Contracting Officer; or
(3) That result from willful misconduct or lack of good faith on the part of any of the Contractor's directors, officers, managers, superintendents, or other representatives who have supervision or direction of--
(i) All or substantially all of the Contractor's business;
(ii) All or substantially all of the Contractor's operations at any one plant or separate location in which this contract is being performed; or
(iii) A separate and complete major industrial operation in connection with the performance of this contract.
(f) The provisions of paragraph (e) of this clause shall not restrict the right of the Contractor to be reimbursed for the cost of insurance maintained by the Contractor in connection with the performance of this contract, other than insurance required in accordance with this clause; provided, that such cost is allowable under the Allowable Cost and Payment clause of this contract.
(g) If any suit or action is filed or any claim is made against the Contractor, the cost and expense of which my be reimbursable to the Contractor under this contract, and the risk of which is then uninsured or is insured for less than the amount claimed, the Contractor shall--
(1) Immediately notify the Contracting Officer and promptly furnish copies of all pertinent papers received;
(2) Authorize Government representatives to collaborate with counsel for the insurance carrier in settling or defending the claim when the amount of the liability claimed exceeds the amount of coverage; and
(3) Authorize Government representatives to settle or defend the claim and to represent the Contractor in or to take charge of any litigation, if required by the Government, when the liability is not insured or covered by bond. The Contractor may, at its own expense, be associated with the Government representatives in any such claim or litigation.
(h) Notwithstanding paragraphs (a) and (c) of this clause--
(1) The Government does not assume any liability to third persons, nor will the Government reimburse the Contractor for its liability to third persons, with respect to loss due to death, bodily injury, or damage to property resulting in any way from the performance of this contract or any subcontract under this contract; and
(2) The Contractor need not provide or maintain insurance coverage as required by paragraph (a) of this clause; provided, that the Contractor may obtain any insurance coverage deemed necessary, subject to approval by the Contracting Officer as to form, amount and duration. The Contractor shall be reimbursed for the cost of such insurance and, to the extent provided in paragraph (c) of this clause, for liabilities to third persons for which the Contractor has obtained insurance coverage as provided in this paragraph, but for which such coverage is insufficient in amount.
(End of clause)
(R 7-203.22 1966 DEC)
(R 1-7.204-5)
(R 1-7.404-9(a))
(R 7-402.26 1962 SEP)

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