52.222-48 Exemption from Application of Service Contract Act Provisions for Contracts for Maintenance, Calibration, and/or Repair of Certain ADP, Scientific and Medical, and/or Office and Business Equipment--Contractor Certification.

As prescribed in 22.1006(e)(1), insert the following clause:
(JUN 1989)
(a) The following certification shall be checked:
The offeror certifies [ ] /does not certify [ ] that: (i) The items of equipment to be serviced under this contract are commercial items which are used regularly for other than Government purposes, and are sold or traded by the Contractor in substantial quantities to the general public in the course of normal business operations; (ii) The contract services are furnished at prices which are, or are based on, established catalog or market prices for the maintenance, calibration, and/or repair of certain ADP, scientific and medical, and/or office and business equipment. An 'established catalog price' is a price included in a catalog, price list schedule, or other form that is regularly maintained by the manufacturer or the Contractor, is either published or otherwise available for inspection by customers, and states prices at which sales are currently, or were last, made to a significant number of buyers constituting the general public. An 'established market price' is a current price, established in the usual course of trade between buyers and sellers free to bargain, which can be substantiated from sources independent of the manufacturer or Contractor; and (iii) The Contractor utilizes the same compensation (wage and fringe benefits) plan for all service employees performing work under the contract as the Contractor uses for equivalent employees servicing the same equipment of commercial customers.
(b) If a negative certification is made and a Service Contract Act wage determination is not attached the solicitation, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer as soon as possible.
(c) Failure to execute the certification in paragraph (a) of this clause or to contact the Contracting Officer as required in paragraph (b) of this clause may render the bid or offer nonresponsive.
(End of clause)

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