52.222-25 Affirmative Action Compliance.

As prescribed in 22.810(d), insert the following provision in solicitations, other than those for construction, when a contract is contemplated that will include the clause at 52.222-26, Equal Opportunity:
The offeror represents that (a) it [] has developed and has on file, [] has not developed and does not have on file, at each establishment, affirmative action programs required by the rules and regulations of the Secretary of Labor (41 CFR 60-1 and 60-2), or (b) it [] has not previously had contracts subject to the written affirmative action programs requirement of the rules and regulations of the Secretary of Labor.
(End of provision)
(R 7-2003.14(b) 1979 SEP)
(R 1-12.805-4)

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