42.204 Supporting contract administration.

(a) A CAO assigned a contract for administration under 42.202 or a contracting office retaining administration under 42.203 may request supporting contract administration from the CAO cognizant of the contractor location where performance of specific contract administration functions is required. The request shall (1) be in writing, (2) clearly state the specific functions to be performed, and (3) be accompanied by a copy of pertinent contractual and other necessary documents.
(b) The prime contractor is responsible for managing its subcontracts. The CAO's concern with subcontracts is normally limited to evaluating the prime contractor's management of them (see Part 44). Therefore, supporting contract administration shall not be used for subcontracts unless (1) the Government would otherwise incur undue cost, (2) successful completion of the prime contract is threatened, or (3) it is authorized under paragraph (c) below or elsewhere in this regulation.
(c) For major system acquisitions (see Part 34), the contracting officer may designate certain high-risk or critical subsystems or components for special surveillance (see 44.205) in addition to requesting supporting contract administration. This surveillance shall be conducted in a manner fully consistent with the policy of calling upon the cognizant CAO to perform contract administration functions at a contractor's facility (see Subpart 42.1).

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