52.249-5000 Basis for settlement of proposals.

As prescribed at 49.113(100) insert the following statement in solicitations and contracts.
'Actual costs will be used to determine equipment costs for a settlement proposal submitted on the total cost basis under FAR 49.206-2(b). In evaluating a terminations settlement proposal using the total cost basis, the following principles will be applied to determine allowable equipment costs:
(1) Actual costs for each piece of equipment, or groups of similar serial or series equipment, need not be available in the contractor's accounting records to determine total actual equipment costs.
(2) If equipment costs have been allocated to a contract using predetermined rates, those charges will be adjusted to actual costs.
(3) Recorded job costs adjusted for unallowable expenses will be used to determine equipment operating expenses.
(4) Ownership costs (depreciation) will be determined using the contractor's depreciation schedule (subject to the provisions of FAR 31.205-11).
(5) License, taxes, storage and insurance costs are normally recovered as an indirect expense and unless the contractor charges these costs directly to contracts, they will be recovered through the indirect expense rate.'
(End of Statement)

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